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Put our expertise to work for you. At Eternal Martial Arts, we are proud to have produced so many high quality black belt students.  We consider it a great honor and privilege to serve you and your family.  Please take a trial class to find out the Eternal Martial Arts difference.
Your 4-5 year old will love our custom EMA Raptors program.  While older siblings handle more advanced material, your little one will learn about coordination, balance, directions, and all the basics of martial arts training.
Basic Beginner Program
Yes, Tae Kwon-Do is for children!  Usually starting at age 6 (sometimes 5), children can learn all aspects of the martial arts.  We pride ourselves in our talent for teaching young people.  Here, they will learn about discipline, respect, honor, and hard work.
Black Belt
For our more advanced students, we have a black belt program like no other.  Black belt students are challenged physically and mentally as well.  They will have training in advanced weaponry, real fighting situations, and preparation to be future leaders in their community.
Programs for Eternal Martial Arts
If you are 18 or older, you won't find a more grueling and demanding fitness class.  Though not a high-impact class, you will learn some fundamental self defense lessons while you burn those calories away.  High intensity = Max results!
Teens & Adults
Adults and children aged 13 and older will enjoy our regular martial arts program.  Here we focus on the three "f's" of our training: fitness, flexibility, and force.  You or your child will be confident in your improvement in physicality, strength, focus, and self-discipline.

EMA Raptors
Hawks are our Raptors who have graduated to their next level of training.  Though they may be too young for traditional forms (patterns), they can hang with the best of them!
EMA Hawks