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Joshua Hong, 6th Degree Instructor
Walter Rodriguez, 3rd Degree Instructor

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About Eternal Martial Arts
Eternal Martial Arts began its long journey on November 1st, 1996.  At that time, the school was associated with a group of schools known as United Tae Kwon-Do, and the Jones Rd. location was among them.  At the young age of 19, Joshua Hong opened his doors for the first time.  The school was a quick success, and within a few short years it was time to expand.

In the same month as the terrible attack on September 11th, 2001, Mr. Hong opened his second location in Pearland, TX.    

In the year 2009, Mr. Hong decided it was time to part ways with United Tae Kwon-Do and fashion his own brand.  He developed a new style of training which would focus less on memorization, and more on flexibility, force, and fitness.  

Today, Eternal Martial Arts is turning out black belts and black belt instructors that are truly second to none.

The future of Eternal Martial Arts is very bright as families come to know that the "Eternal experience" is serious, fun, and challenging.
Master Hong became a 6th Dan (Degree) Black Belt in February of 2012.  This is the culmination of a martial arts career that spans decades and began when he was just 4 years old.  Master Hong is a tireless advocate for his students, challenging them to be better than they ever dreamed.
What can we say about Mr. Walter?  He's the best!  Walter Rodriguez is an excellent instructor and a fantastic martial artist.  He is the literal definition of a courteous person.  You will not meet a more trustworthy, and respectable teacher anywhere.
Committed to helping our customers achieve their dreams
Anthony Aguilera has been a dedicated student of Eternal Martial Arts since the age of 6!  He has become one of the most patient, talented, and skilled instructors.  He is a true martial artist!  
Anthony Aguilera, 3rd Degree Head Instructor

Tae Kwon-Do is a Martial Art of Korean origin. The name Tae Kwon-Do literally means the way of the hand and foot. Tae Kwon-Do is easily the most popular of all Martial Arts practiced around the world and has even become an Olympic sport in 1992. Tae Kwon-Do is a very recently formed Martial Art which is the culmination of ancient Korean Martial Arts (Taekkyeon, Hapkido, and others) and is strongly influenced by Japanese Karate. During Japan’s occupation of Korea, Japanese culture dominated much of Korean life including the military and the practice of Karate instead of more traditional forms of Korean Martial Arts. The founder of Tae Kwon-Do is General Choi Hong-Hi. He was a practitioner of Japanese Karate before he was imprisoned by the Japanese. After World War II had ended, and the Japanese occupation of Korea was officially dissolved in August of 1945, General Choi Hong-Hi felt the need to create national identity with a new, modern, and very Korean Martial Art: Tae Kwon-Do. His promotion of Tae Kwon-Do was relentless as he emphasized that Tae Kwon-Do utilized a scientific and modern approach to Martial Arts training. Due to his relentless promotion of Korea and Tae Kwon-Do as its face, one can now see it being practiced in every corner of the world.

A Word About Tae Kwon-Do